Super Plan

NZ Post Superannuation Plan

Voluntary contributions

Start or change regular voluntary contributions

You’re welcome to use the Plan to make extra savings. It’s a good way to salt away some money for a rainy day. If you choose to do this, we will set up a voluntary account in your name in addition to your member and employer accounts. Your employer doesn’t match voluntary contributions. Contact Payroll and tell them what percentage of your pay you’d like to save each payday. (See Change member contributions if you’re already making voluntary contributions and would like to change them.)

Make a withdrawal from your voluntary account

Remember, the Plan is about long-term savings – you can’t make withdrawals from your voluntary account any time you like. You can withdraw some or all of the balance in your voluntary account by giving three months’ notice in writing. You can only make a withdrawal once every six months. Talk to us if you're facing financial hardship and we'll try to help, but we need to be careful follow the rules governing superannuation schemes.

You need to complete a Voluntary account withdrawal form - you can download one here.