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NZ Post Superannuation Plan

About the Plan

The New Zealand Post Superannuation Plan is a retirement savings plan for New Zealand Post employees. It was closed to new members on 31 December 2010


New Zealand Post Trustees Limited was established in 2016 as the Plan’s corporate trustee as part of the transition to the provisions of the Financial Markets Conduct Act (2013).

The trustee has overall responsibility for the Plan. It sets the investment policy and objectives, oversees the management of the Plan and makes changes to the Plan’s rules when necessary to comply with legislation and to make sure the Plan continues to be an attractive and useful way for members to save for retirement.

The directors of New Zealand Post Trustees Limited are:
Monica Ayres
Carol Campbell (Chair)
Simon Clarke
Joe Gallagher
Sarah Graydon
Anna Kenny (Licensed Independent Trustee)
Rhonda Richardson

Staff management team

The staff management team places and monitors the Plan’s investments on behalf of the trustee, manages contracts with external suppliers and generally looks after the affairs of the Plan from day to day. Contact the management team if you have a question about the Plan’s investments. Call 0800 697 728 (choose option 2).

Nick Economu
Arman Choudhry

Administration Manager

The Plan’s administration manager is Mercer (N.Z.) Limited. Mercer looks after member records on behalf of the Plan. This includes administrative duties such as processing benefit payments and running the helpline.

The team at Mercer is your first port of call if you have a question about your savings. Call 0800 697 728 (choose option 1).

Accountant and tax advisor





Morgan Stanley is the Plan’s principal custodian for equities, bonds and overseas cash. New Zealand Post Trustees Limited is the custodian for cash assets.



Investment advisor

Eriksen & Associates

Investment manager

Wealth and Fitness Ltd, with assistance from:

  • New Zealand Post Superannuation Plan management team
  • Forsyth Barr Ltd
  • Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Member communications

Metzger Communications


Dentons Kensington Swan